Power purchase agreement

Under a power purchase agreement (PPA), Decentral Energy owns and operates the solar PV system that is installed on your property, and you pay only for the energy generated by the system – at a lower cost than Eskom or your municipality tariff.

We handle all the details of operations, maintenance, security and insurance, saving you and your business time and energy.

Zero capital expenditure on your part is required, but our PPAs also include buy-out options that allow you to purchase the system after a period.

Best suited to

  • Users spending more than R100 000/month on electricity
  • Large commercial and industrial users

We offer two different kinds of PPA

Our experienced team will advise on the most appropriate option for you.

No take, no pay

With a no take, no pay solar PPA, you pay only for the energy you use and we take on your energy consumption risk. It’s like a “pay as you go” contract with no fixed monthly fees and no upfront costs.

Best suited to

  • Retail and multi-tenant sites
  • Large body corporates

Take or pay

With a take or pay solar PPA, you pay for all the energy that a solar system can produce. In turn, you benefit from our lowest energy tariffs as well as municipal feed-in tariffs where available.

Best suited to

  • Energy users that operate 7 days a week
  • Agricultural sites
  • Municipalities that offer feed-in tariffs
  • Eskom customers

Will I be protected against load shedding?

If you’re looking for a solar energy system that’s load shedding-proof, we offer optional battery storage or generator integration. Just let us know in your application.

What do I need to apply?

If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, you must have sufficient authority to enter into an agreement (e.g., be the director of a company, or the head of a body corporate).

If you are a tenant, you will need to obtain the consent of the property owner.

Documents required

  • Electricity bills for the last 12 months
  • Load data for the last 12 months (if available)
  • Google Maps screenshot of the site

Case studies


Bronberg Retirement Estate: a Decentral Energy solar PV project

Bronberg Retirement Estate

Pretoria, Gauteng
System size: 328 kWp

Energy tariff savings: 35–40%

Year 1 savings: Over R320 000


An aerial photograph of solar PV panels on the roof of a shopping centre. Southdale Shopping Centre pays less for solar energy thanks to a Decentral Energy PPA.

Southdale Centre

Johannesburg, Gauteng
System size: 843 kWp

Energy tariff savings: 15–20%

Year 1 savings: Over R350 000


An aerial photograph of solar PV panels on the roof of industrial buildings. Graniti Tecnica pays less for solar energy thanks to a Decentral Energy PPA.

Graniti Tecnica

Johannesburg , Gauteng
System size: 579 kWp

Energy tariff savings: 30–35%

Year 1 savings: Over R330 000